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This was the first season that we have had an internship program here at the studio and my oh my, what an adventure it was with them this summer. We had the opportunity to work with 6 incredible young women over the past couple of months and Emily was one of them. Emily impressed me from the start with her dedication and drive, and her continued creativity with each and every shoot she assisted on. She is both sweet and kind, hardworking and dependable. Read on to see what Emily had to say about her time as an intern for Brianna Gamble Photography.

"Although I am sad that my time as an intern at Brianna Gamble Photography has come to an end, I am so grateful for all the memories and experiences I have gained from my time here! At the beginning of this internship I was excited to work on my photography, improve my editing skills, and learn the ins and outs of a photography business, and I can definitely say that I accomplished all of these goals.  I am super thankful for Brianna and the rest of the team members for being so supportive and always answering any question I had, as well as for making the whole studio a fun and memorable place to work.  I have many great memories from my time spent with the BGP team over the summer, but I just wanted to highlight a few to help summarize some of my favorite moments!


City Lights Shoot - First up is our City Lights Senior Model Shoot in San Francisco, one of my all time favorite shoots from the summer!  We went to Union Square in SF with some girls from the senior model team, and the whole shoot was high energy and a lot of fun. During this shoot I was working on taking videos, which was great for me because it helped me realize that in addition to photography I also am really interested in videography, which is definitely something I will be pursuing in the future.  I really loved how all of the photos from this shoot turned out!

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"Who I Am" Portrait Sessions-  I really enjoyed working with Amy (BGP's associate photographer) on tween confidence sessions!  This especially helped me understand the business side of photography as well as how to interact with clients.  It was also interesting to see what objects each tween client brought to their session and watch how Amy was able to bring out their unique personality in each photo. 


Senior Sessions-  All of the senior sessions that I went on were very different, but on all of them I enjoyed helping choose outfits and matching outfits with locations.  A few of my favorite senior session locations would include the cutest winery ever, the beach, and finding random flower fields on the side of the road.  I got to work on creating content for Brianna's Instagram stories, taking behind the scenes videos, and other tasks, and Brianna always took the time to explain everything from lighting to Instagram captions.  I always had a good time during every senior session, and watching and learning from Brianna has definitely improved my own photos!

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I can think of a lot more great memories from throughout the summer, but I wanted to wrap up this blog post by saying again how grateful I am for this experience and everything that I have learned.  Brianna really helped my improve my photography and editing and always found time to fit in helpful trainings for the interns or to answer any questions I had!  I am so glad I decided to apply for this internship and I was able to take so much away from this experience that has already improved my photography and also helped me with skills that I will use the rest of my life!"