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The world of creative entrepreneurship can be a tricky space to navigate. The other people that are in your industry that you can relate with are considered your ‘competition’ so it’s not so easy to create genuine relationships with them. This kind of dynamic creates a hostile environment amongst the community of creative entrepreneurs where people are tearing each other down and trying to always one-up each other.

So in 2015, two Annapolis-based wedding photographers said ‘no more’ to this and created the Rising Tide Society.

The Rising Tide Society was created with the purpose of creating a community of creative entrepreneurs that would lift each other up and help each other to succeed in their business endeavors. Community over Competition. And it didn’t take long for this movement to explode. It was so easy to see how dire this industry was for a community like this. Everyone wanted to be a part of it and it quickly went worldwide.  

One of the main ways that the Rising Tide Society creates this community is through TuesdaysTogether meetups in local cities. In hundreds of cities across the globe, a city leader hosts a meeting one Tuesday of every month for local creatives. This is an open meeting for people to meet, network and discuss business. Each month we have a specific topic that pertains to running a creative small business- social media, blogging, marketing, taxes, etc.

This year I became the leader of the Vacaville TuesdaysTogether chapter, and was honored to host the very first Vacaville meetup this past week! Our meetup took place at Noah’s Bagels, where 12 of our group’s creatives got together over coffee and bagels to discuss this month’s topic - Pricing and Negotiation. We shared our struggles and experiences with pricing our business properly, which led to a discussion over self value and putting a price on our time and talents. We had a round table discussion over pricing questions, introduced ourselves and our businesses to the group, shared adventures that our businesses have taken us on, took some group photos, and encouraged each other.

Each month our group will meet at a new location to discuss a new topic, network and mingle, and create lasting friendships that can lead to ongoing support and opportunities.

We get to be a part of creating a community here in Vacaville where people can come out and create friendships that never would have existed otherwise! We get to interact and learn from all different types of creatives- photographers, planners, graphics designers, calligraphers, hair and makeup artists, florists, bakers and more! There are so many talented people here in Vacaville and because of this community we are able to use our talents to lift each other up and help each other to succeed.

So if you are creative small business owner looking for encouragement, companionship and more- head over to the Rising Tide Society website to see if there is a TuesdaysTogether meetup in your city! And if you are in the Vacaville area, join our Facebook group to be invited to our next meeting!

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